What is it?

Potencialex is a new generation drug designed to guarantee potency improvement. The tool has the form of capsules, which allows you to comfortably undergo a course of treatment at home. The drug has all the properties of a potency stimulant, antibiotic, hormonal medication. But, unlike them, it is not addictive, it is characterized by good general tolerability, efficiency, hypoallergenic origin. The product has a certificate of conformity to high quality, which indicates that the product has only positive characteristics. Urologists and endocrinologists approve the idea of using this potency stimulant.

How it works?

The active ingredients of Potencialex normalize and stabilize the process of testosterone production, prevent the decline of sexual health, and improve the quality of intimate life. They find pathogenic microflora in the blood, stop its activity, and cause the rapid elimination of prostatitis, a disease that most often causes a weakening of libido. The components of the capsules improve the conduction of impulses along the nerve fibers that lie in the inguinal region. Therefore, sensitivity increases during intimacy, and a man becomes hardy in this area.
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How to use?

Take Potencialex.
In the morning, at least half an hour before breakfast, you need to swallow 1 capsule of the product. It must not be chewed beforehand, as the action may reduce the effectiveness of therapy.
Drink the remedy.
After each dose of Potencialex, at least 200 ml of non-carbonated water should be consumed. The stimulant should not be taken with alcoholic beverages.
Take the next dosage of potency stimulant after 12 hours.
The drug Potencialex is designed for use 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. Between doses of the remedy, you must observe the same time interval, do not deviate from the schedule.


maca extract - Potencialex Composition

maca extract

Corrects hormonal balance, prevents the development of testosterone deficiency in the body. Increases sensitivity during intimacy. Normalizes the natural activity of the prostate gland.
Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract - Potencialex Composition

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tones, prevents the appearance of indifference to intimate life. It cleanses the blood of toxic impurities, improves the process of blood circulation inside the pelvic cavity. Protects against the development of adenoma, eliminates the consequences of previously transferred prostatitis.
L-arginine - Potencialex Composition


Prevents premature, too rapid onset of ejaculation. Increases sexual stamina. It has a pronounced antioxidant property. Normalizes the structure of the prostate gland, improves the general well-being of a man.


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Delivery Country - United Kingdom
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  • Weakening of potency due to prostatitis, exposure to stress, medication, bad habits, intoxication of the body.
  • The desire to improve the state of potency with a natural, not synthetic remedy.
  • Hereditary or other predisposition to develop erectile dysfunction.
  • The desire to improve the overall quality of intimate life.
  • The desire to get rid of erectile dysfunction outside of a medical facility.


  • Increased sensitivity of the body to the components of the capsules.
  • Presence of prostate adenoma or other neoplasm.
  • Under 18 years of age.
  • Heart, liver, kidney failure.
  • Early period of postoperative rehabilitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use?
It is absolutely safe to use this dietary supplement if you follow the manufacturer's instructions and carefully study the contraindications
How long does delivery take?
Average delivery time from 3 to 8 days depending on where you live
Can Potencialex be bought at a pharmacy?
No, our dietary supplements are sold only on this site. If you saw it in a store or pharmacy - do not buy it, as it is a fake
Are there side effects?
There were no other side effects other than those we have described.

Customer Reviews

“Potencialex turned out to be exactly what I needed - it increased potency without causing any complications. And the previous options that I took to get rid of problems with sexual health always caused complications - either increased pressure, or provoked a headache. Unlike them, Potencialex capsules were able to improve libido quickly, comfortably, and at the same time I did not have to go to the hospital. Im satisfied.
“Potencialex seemed effective to me even at the stage when I read positive reviews about it and studied the composition. It turned out that there are no chemical impurities in the capsule formula, which is 100% suitable for me personally, since I never accept products that are sold in a pharmacy. The capsules began to work on the first day they were taken. I have completed the full course and am ready to recommend this effective stimulant to anyone who wants to improve libido without negative health consequences.
“I was satisfied with Potencialex capsules. I took this drug 2 times a day, I also used the remedy before each intimacy. My partner and I are happy with these capsules. Indeed, thanks to their competent composition, the quality of intimate life now pleases me. It’s good that I didn’t have to take various antibiotics and undergo various procedures in the hospital.”
“Potencialex is the only stimulant that has helped me bring my potency back to a high level. The previous options turned out to be useless. The tool did not cause any complications, began to act quickly. I also liked that this drug has an adequate price. I didn’t have to overpay for effective products, the course turned out to be financially beneficial for me.”
“After prostatitis, I started having problems in terms of sexual health. In order not to aggravate the situation, I bought Potencialex and completed the course through the use of these capsules. The drug removed the effects of inflammation, helped me feel like a full-fledged man again. It’s good that I didn’t have to take medicines that are sold in a pharmacy - I’m skeptical about them. ”

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